Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Engineroom oil pianting

So it's been way too long since I last posted but here's proof that I'm still working and at least mostly alive (I've been sick for the last month). This is an illustration for a story I'm working on, a scene where the main character "Kans" gets into a situation that causes her some problems and it's my first try at oils in a while. Donato Giancola's Joan of Arc video inspired the medium and I used a lot of the techniques from the video in setting this picture up. Because of that I wanted to share my in-progress pics as well
Here's the transferred under-drawing sealed to the board with matte medium

I used a greenish acrylic wash over the skin and tried to lay in some basic colors and values before starting in on the hand with oils.

From there I moved on to the face because I knew the rest of the painting needed to center around Kans's expression.

My reference spent as much time stuck to my painting as it could before it got forced out by wet paint. I modeled for this one myself and got very good at making concerned faces, hopefully it doesn't still look like me too much.

Backgrounds. This was probably the first one I actually enjoyed painting.

Pipes and dials! I stepped outside my comfort zone and used a palate knife to rough up the wall.

I tried to sneak as much color as I could into the reflective metal surfaces.

Almost there! Everything's covered and it just needs the finishing touches....

....which for this scene meant a lot of blood. Sorry, Kans. The hardest part of the painting was making myself cover up parts of the image that I had worked so hard on but I was happy with the result.

Final close up.

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